Review #18- No Game No Life


Welcome everyone, to the next RishRaff anime review! Today we will be covering the fairly popular, and rather interesting, anime named No Game No Life. For the first time in a while, all three reviewers will be providing their insight about the anime. Beware of minor SPOILERS as you go about reading the review. Continue reading


Review #17- Lucky☆Star


Welcome to the review! I am RishRaff as your primary reviewer. B-Ro will also be providing a review this week. As for what anime we are reviewing, today we will be covering the moe heavy anime known as Lucky☆Star. It is actually the first anime I ever watched (aside from Pokemon). Please beware of possible minor SPOILERS! Continue reading

Review #16- The World God Only Knows


Welcome, one and all, to the next installment of RishRaff Reviews. Today we will be covering an old favorite of mine, The World God Only Knows (TWGOK). Our review will be comprehensive, which is to say we will be making the review cover all three  seasons. LowKev will again not be joining us for this review, having not yet seen the anime. As always, be on the look out for minor SPOILERS! Continue reading

Review #14- Fruits Basket


Welcome one and all to another review. Today we will be reviewing Fruits Basket, a classic shoujo anime. This makes this anime the first shoujo anime we are covering, and for those who do not know what shoujo is, it means the anime is marketed for girls. LowKev will not be providing a review today, as he has not yet seen this series. Please be sure to watch out for minor SPOILERS. Continue reading