Review #9- Engaged to the Unidentified


Welcome, one and all, to our next review! Today we will covering the anime Engaged to the Unidentified, of which one could call a “generic slice of life” anime. However, do not let the term generic fool you, as this anime is quite good. Beware of minor SPOILERS!

So without further ado, let us begin the review!

Summary: Yonomori Kobeni is a high school student who leads a pretty normal life… and then the day of her 16th birthday arrives. Despite having very little presence, her fiance, Mitsumine Hakuya shows up suddenly along with her sister-in-law, a little girl named Mitsumine Mashiro. Without any prior explanation, they begin their peculiar life together. Kobeni’s older sister, Yonomori Benio, who has has a sister complex and is a bit of a pervert is thrown into the mix and things get even weirder. Kobeni’s life is no longer normal. -Crunchyroll

Plot: 8/10

Engaged to the Unidentified stays very strong with the focus of the developing relationship of the arranged couple of Kobeni and Hakuya with plenty of comedy, and adds a little bit of tension with the addition of a nice small amount of backstory to spice it up. The tiny addition of fantasy/supernatural in the story does add more appeal to improve upon the “generic” nature of the story. I quite enjoyed the general winter setting of the progression of the story, which makes this anime enjoyable to watch during the wintertime. Additionally. it does do a good job of displaying the general stresses of a high school student in a fairly cutesy and comedic manner. The plot does suffer from slow pacing typical of many slice of life, which can make the plot seem to drag to people unfamiliar to the genre. This is further exasperated by the cliches in the show that might be too common for some people’s liking. The ending was also weak to me, while aptly dramatic and satisfying, it feels anti-climatic in some ways and the series does not feel complete. However, this anime is good for maintaining a plot through the whole series instead of just focusing on a premise like some slice of life.

Characters: 8/10

The characters of Engaged to the Unidentified are colorful and varied, giving the show lots of material to work with in term of comedy. Watching the characters interact is probably the most entertaining aspect of the show. Despite the characters’ strengths, they have some flaws. The only character with heavy development is Kobeni, and this development can feel rather shallow at times. Additionally, Hakuya is a rather plain character (save for a few epic moments) and does not really feel like he should really be the main male protagonist. There is also a surplus of female characters, fitting to the series cuteness, but can be annoying to some viewer (such as me), and create some miscommunication of the true nature of the show.

Animation: 10/10

The animation of the show is fantastic, with crisp and detailed background and well drawn (and proportioned) characters. The more exaggerated scenes also do well with the animation, helping to accent the comedic value of the scene.

Soundtrack: 10/10

With arguably one of the cutest and best closings, Engaged to the Unidentified does an expert job of making use of the soundtrack. The opening is equally good , and the music throughout the show does its job well in setting mood for each scene fully.

Themes: 8/10

The primary theme of the anime is the “time of dere” (those of you who have seen the series should understand the reference). Joke aside, the show displays themes common in slice of life shows, such as accepting the situation and learning to be okay with who you are. Engaged to the Unidentified takes it one step further with throwing in the difficulty in dealing with past mistakes and guilt. The show does not dive extensively into several of its themes as it could of though. The show does a very good job of combining slice of life, romantic comedy, and seriousness within the show. The show retains a semi-serious mood throughout, but it does not feel uncharacteristic with the main comedic moments. The shows implementation of supernatural elements are fitted in well, but could have been used more extensively than they were. Overall, the themes and genre of this show are well done.

Final Score: 8.8/10

Grade:  B

B-Ro’s Take

Engaged to the Unidentified was a good romantic comedy and slice of life. It was pretty funny and it had characters that were really fun. Most of the characters had their funny moments and I really liked most of them. One problem though was that the characters did not grow very much throughout the anime. Also, Hakuya was extremely bland. It was really hard to like him because he had no personality. It also made it hard to see why Kobeni would fall in love with him. But other than that it was a fun anime. Another thing was that it often followed other romance anime clichés, but that did not really take anything away from the anime. It is something you can just sit back and enjoy. Out of 10 I would give this anime a 7. It is a good anime and I would recommend it if you want something that you can just relax while watching. – B-Ro

LowKev’s Take

Ahhh the stench of love comedy… Engaged to the Unidentified was an absolute joy to watch, though I realize it’s not for everyone. The cute factor in this slice of life is quite high, so those who only like high octane action thrillers and/or consider cutsiness a turn off should stay away (though I’m sure you could’ve guessed that). The show absolutely excells in the comedy department, thanks largely to its characters. Mashiro and Benio are two of the funniest characters I have ever heard, and their interactions never get old. Kobeni is a very likeable protagonist, and though I’m sure a lot of people will be turned off by Hakuya’s quietness, I actually found him to be an interesting character. I admittedly found Konoha and Niko a little annoying at times, but I still liked their inclusion into the story. The opening song is very upbeat with fittingly witty animation, and that closing is so awesomely cute!!! Both of them are right up there with my favorite openings and closings, with the rest of the soundtrack doing a really good job at contributing to the show’s charm as well. A decent amount of the conflict has to do with high school type misunderstandings, which I realize will turn some people off, but this show isn’t too bad with that, and actually has a lot of its sleeves. It does a good job at getting you invested and taking you along for the ride. There’s heart, creative wit, and it can even get somewhat serious at times. And I can’t forget the beautiful animations. The visuals alone are worth giving it a shot. I do wish there were more episodes… Though I’d rather it end at 13 than have it turn stale. The ending is fitting enough though, and should bring a smile. I honestly can’t wait to rewatch this and see the character interactions again. It’s an excellent show if slice of life is your thing or if you just need a good laugh and smile.

Final Comments: Though the anime seems generic at first, Engaged to the Unidentified does well to show the best of the slice of life and romantic comedy genres, while adding its own bit of supernatural originality. The soundtrack and animation are big draws for this show.

Thank you everyone for reading! We hope to here some comments on what you think of this anime. Our next review shall be Food Wars.

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