Bonus Post #1- Award Nominations


While we here at RishRaff Reviews do primarily anime reviews (and will continue to do so), we think it necessary to include some “addition features.” As such, welcome to our first Bonus Post! This is merely to acknowledge, and complete, two awards we were nominated for. I, your main host RishRaff, will be completing both of these. 

The Spirit Animal Blog Award
Nominated by LitaKino, who I must thank for being one of the first fans of my blog 



  • Post the award picture on your blog.
  • Write a short paragraph about yourself and what your blog means to you.
  • If you could be any animal, what would it be?
  • Pick ten nominees.


About me

I was going to copy and paste the about section of my blog here, but I’ll actually be original. Alright, my name is RishRaff, and I am the main writer and manager of the blog. I am currently a sophomore college student who is studying Biochemistry. I enjoy plants and toxicology as where I would desire to shift my focus when I enter graduate school. While my interests a very strong in science, I do have a great appreciation for literature and stories. As such, I was naturally drawn to anime with its high variety of plots, both good and bad. I would say I am an anime veteran, in that I have been watching for a long time, and while not an expert, I do know my way around the anime community.

To me, my blog is an area where I can give my two cents about the anime I enjoyed and thought deserve some recognition, or tear down the ones that I believe the community fawns over too much. I tend to focus most heavily on plot and themes in an anime review. The blog also offers a glimpse into the discussions between my two best friends and I, LowKev and B-Ro. B-Ro likes to focus on characters, and LowKev enjoys giving an in depth view of an anime soundtrack. Because these two have different opinions than my own frequently, it helps give our reviews a more rounded and accurate portrayal of the anime.

Animal me

images (4)

The animal I would definitely chose would be a poison dart frog. For the image, I just posted Dendrobates auratus, which is my favorite poison dart frog. Anyway, this species resembles me with connections to toxicology and the bright colors matching my generally eccentric and stand out attitude.


BLEH Nominated by LitaKino, who I must thank for being one of the first fans of my blog 


  • Display the award on your blog.
  • Thank the person who nominated you and put a link to their blog.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 or more bloggers and let them know you nominated them.

Seven Things About RishRaff

1. If asked, I would generally respond that my favorite anime is Angel Beats. However, my true favorite anime is Binchou-tan, a rather obscure anime short series.

2. As an aspiring toxicologist, it would be natural for me to mention my favorite toxin: podophyllotoxin. It is found in the plant known as the mayapple, which grows on the east coast of North America.

3. I am currently dating a wonderful girl. She had little anime experience prior to meeting me, but I am slowly introducing her. We have completed Angel Beats together, and are working on Your Lie In April.

4. Some things from my bucket list: see the Aurora Borealis, own a pet tarantula named Fluffy, and publish a novel.

5. I absolutely love hiking, especially really intense ones that always end up involving some bouldering.

6. I will only drink coffee black. If it has anything sweet in it, I absolutely think it is disgusting. I generally treat tea the same way, though I will take honey in my tea from time to time.

7. I am allergic to hydrocholorate.

There you have it! Seven facts about RishRaff you probably did not need to know. I am not really all about doing nominations so… Anyway, thank you for reading, and be sure to look forward to our next review!


2 thoughts on “Bonus Post #1- Award Nominations

  1. Awwww thanks for doing this was so fun to read 🙂 Awww that’s so sweet to hear about you and your girlfriend watching some anime together me and my partner whom he only has gotten into anime a bit recently were currently watching full meta alchemist 🙂 he loves it which is good 🙂

    Interesting about you wanting to be a frog that is cool I never knew that specie of frog before it’s pretty looking XD hehe Toxicologist sounds like an awesome career to go for 🙂

    I love the great outdoors hop in the car and go on a random journey is what I love to do explore new places 🙂


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