Bonus Post #3- Yui Character Analysis

Hello anime fans! Today I, B-Ro, will be stating a bonus blog series where I will be analyzing anime characters.  I will give an overview of the character, appearances, personality, background, and just anything else that is important to the character in this bonus series. For my first post I will be doing my favorite character, Yui from Angel Beats! I will warn you now this series will contain MAJOR SPOILERS and you should watch the anime first. With that out of the way, let’s start the analysis.


Yui is a member of class SSS in the afterlife school.  She was a big fan of Girls Dead Monster and would help them out whenever she could.  She even became the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist after Iwasawa had disappeared. Once Kanade and Otonashi teamed up to help the other disappear, they decided to star with Yui. Otonashi helped her with her regrets of not being able to wrestle, play soccer, or play baseball.  After that she says that her final regret is not getting married.  Hinata then comes and proposes to Yui telling her how they would have meet if they were alive.  After this Yui disappears.


In life Yui was hit by a car paralyzing her from the neck down when she was only four.  After this she was forced to stay in bed while being taken care of by her mother.  Because of this she spent most of her days watching anime, sports, and bands on tv.  She eventually dies even though it is not explained how in the anime.  When she goes to the afterlife, she is able to move.  This leads to her trying to do things that she could not in life.


Yui comes off as hyperactive and a bit crazy.  This is obviously because of how her life was.  She is very active and is always doing something.  She is often seen picking on Hinata, which is most likely her way of flirting.  She often calls her classmates morons, this is probably because she is pretty smart even though she does not quite act like it.


Yui has long pink hair. It has two pigtails in the back held together by red straps and two twintails in the front held together by cross barrettes.  She has bright pink eyes too. She also has a tsundere fang. She wears a blue and white school uniform.  The shirt is cut short shows her stomach.  She has black garters on her legs and black boots.  She also wears a black choker and broken hand cuffs.  She had a demon like tail and wings.

Over All:

Over all Yui is a well put together character.  Everything ties well together, her back story explains her personality, and her personality matches her looks.  She also has a sad backstory that really makes you feel for the character.  She is a really fun character that you can’t help but feel sorry for.

Thank you everyone for reading! Usually I will try to get these out every Saturday. You can check out our review for Angel Beats! right here.  Next week I will be doing Kousei Arima from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso.

– B-Ro


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