Bonus Post #4- Author Profile: RishRaff


Greetings everyone, and thanks for joining us for another Bonus Post. We will be doing a mini Bonus Post series that will help you get to know each one of the RishRaff Reviews writers a little bit better. Today I, RishRaff, will be going first. 

Name: RishRaff

College Study: Biochemistry

Alternate Hobbies: Writing, Botany, Drinking coffee

Favorite Anime (and why): Binchou-tan is my personal favorite anime. As for why, it is a little quirky and funny, and freaking adorable, and the fact that is a relatively obscure title makes me like it even more.

Least Favorite Anime (and why): Of all the bad anime I have ever watched, Magikano is the one I hate the most. The majority of the series is a very generic and almost boring ecchi anime. However, the ending is the single most infuriating thing I have ever witnessed in an anime…

Anime Character You Best Relate To (and why): The anime character I would compare myself best to is Mahiro Fuwa, from Blast of Tempest. He is extremely impulsive, enthusiastic about his goals. and acts with a one track mind. I also have these same tendencies, and as he did, deny myself of certain feelings frequently. Additionally, he is kind of violent or morbid when denying feelings, which I can get like when I’m trying to hide my true feelings.

Three Other Fun Facts About Yourself: 

  1. I will only drink coffee black. If it has anything sweet in it, I absolutely think it is disgusting. I generally treat tea the same way, though I will take honey in my tea from time to time.
  2. As an aspiring toxicologist, it would be natural for me to mention my favorite toxin: podophyllotoxin. It is found in the plant known as the mayapple, which grows on the east coast of North America.
  3.  I am currently dating a wonderful girl. She had little anime experience prior to meeting me, but I am slowly introducing her. We have completed Angel Beats  and Your Lie In April together.

Thanks all for reading! Be sure to check out some of our reviews, and look forward to more bonus posts and anime reviews!


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