Bonus Post #7- Author Profile: B-Ro


Hello anime fans, today I, B-Ro, will be doing the last of the author profiles. So let’s get to it.

Name: B-Ro

College Study: Biology

Alternate Hobbies: Skiing, Fishing, and Hunting

Favorite Anime (and why): It sounds like a cop out but it is either Amagi Brilliant Park or Angel Beats! I am constantly switching between the two.  Angel Beats! Is a very sad anime that has great characters, that is if they decide to give a character a back story.  Amagi Brilliant Park is a comedy that has characters that feel very real as far as personality goes.  Because they are so different from each other yet are both still amazing it makes it really hard to pick which is better.

Least Favorite Anime (and why): The worst anime that I have seen is hands down Tenkuu Danzai Skelter+Heaven.  It had awful 3-D animations even though most of the animation was 2-D.  It also had no plot or character development, in fact there might as well not have even been characters at all.

Anime Character You Best Relate To (and why): Suigintou from Rozen Maiden is probably most like me.  Despite her being female, her personality is really close to mine.  She acts like she can do anything even when she knows that she can’t.  She also acts cold and cynical even though she actually cares.  She also seems to try to push people away if she thinks they are getting to close to her.  I am like that it every way, but I hate to admit it.

Three Other Fun Facts About Yourself: 

  1. I was a runner for a state runner-up cross country team. We also won districts that year which never happened before at my school.
  2. I once caught a dusky shark while on an ocean liner. After that I proceeded to freak the crew out by sticking my head and one of my hands too close to it.
  3. I used to play the drums when I was in middle school and I even got taught some by a professional drummer.

Thanks all for reading! Also look forward to more reviews in the future.

– B-Ro


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