Review #32- Momo Kyun Sword


Welcome everyone to another review! Today we will be covering an anime that goes way overboard on the fanservice, Momo Kyun Sword. Beware of minor SPOILERS, as is always the case with our reviews.

Now without further ado, let us begin the review.

Summary: Momoko is a beautiful young sword fighter who was born inside a peach. She lives with her constant companions—the dog god Inugami, the monkey god Sarugami, and the pheasant god Kijigami—in a peaceful paradise. However, a demon army led by devil king invades the paradise and steals the precious treasure that protects Momoko’s land. To retrieve the treasure and save the people, Momoko embarks on a great adventure with her three companions. -MyAnimeList

Plot: 4/10

The plot of this anime is rather disconnected, and while there is an overarching conflict present, it is of little consequence for most episodes. The plot tends to episodic from episode to episode, which is what the disconnectedness is derived from. Few things are explained in the plot, and can feel rather random at times. Overall, the plot is messy, and there is not much the series does to save it, preferring to focus on fanservice rather than story telling. The mood is also unstable, trying to be serious when the characters actions and appearances suggest anything but.

Characters: 3/10

Characters in Momo Kyun Sword are painfully one dimmensional and all of them are static. Additionally, the development that does take place for the few of them is quickly lost in all the fanservice. The cast is overcrowded, which cause some character appearances to feel convenient for advancing the plot (which they are).

Animation: 8/10

The animation for this show is surprisingly crisp and colorful. The action sequences do not get drowned out by all the color and movement, and are easy to follow. However, character designs are improbable and can look a little like copy & paste.

Soundtrack: 5/10

A highly generic soundtrack for an anime, with nothing particularly original. Both the opening and ending are annoying at best. The composer does appear to be a big fan of trumpets, however.

Themes: 4/10

The show tries really hard to communicate themes, but like everything else, these get lost in the fanservice. Primarily loyalty and familial love are what are the most obvious, such as Onihime’s dedication to her father and people, and Momoko’s dedication to her friends and guardians. There is a little bit of an interesting dynamic on how these two characters act out these themes, but the themes are very shallow at best still.

Final Score: 4.8/10

Final grade: F

B-Ro’s Take

Momo Kyun Sword was an interesting anime. It was an anime that had a plot that was jumping all over the place. The plot was very inconstant as far as who was against who. One moment some characters would be enemies and then the next they are best friends. Not to mention that the plot was completely driven by fan service. There was also too big of a cast. They characters already where being taken away from through the fan service, but it was pretty much taking from nothing. They were bland and one dimensional. They also had really poorly written back stories, that is if the character was even given one. The animation was pretty nice and I did like the care free kind of attitude that the show often had, but other than that it really did not have much going for it. Out of 10 I would give this anime a 6. I recommend this anime for anyone who wants a care free ecchi anime. – B-Ro

LowKev’s Take

Fun fact: The actual story this anime is very loosely based off of is called Momotaro. It features the title character as a boy born from a peach, and it seems like a very well respected and influential story. It seems like many people have adapted it or payed homage to it, so you know that it was only a matter of time before someone went “It’s okay, but needs more BOOBS!!!!!” So then, of course, Momo Boob Sword (as I like to call it) had to come in. This anime… It drove me up a wall at multiple points. It would be so easy to just rant about how terrible this show is. However, there is much more to it. Now that I’ve watched and reviewed series such as Mars, Skelter, and Diabolik (I still can’t get over that name…), I can’t say Momo is the worst anime I’ve ever seen. However, it definitely hurt me the most watching Momo, for reasons I’ll get into. First off, the “characters”…. You know it’s pretty bad when, and I don’t even know if this classifies as spoiler due to its stupidity, but SPOILER right here, changing the type of panties a character wears counts as character development…. yep…. panties…. END SPOILER. Generally speaking, the characters aren’t so good. I thought Momo was okay sometimes, but annoying at times, and her companions were meh. All the Celestial Maiden Squad did was make me realize just how much better Elementario from Amagi was. There was a chance for something interesting with the main human character, but it ends up falling flat. Oh, and there’s also a girl randomly from the moon. And it’s never explained. I was more curious about how that worked than the anime itself. And let’s not forget Sacrifice Fetish Girl!!!! I’ve seen a few people say that Onihime is the only good character. I do agree that she is a somewhat interesting character, relatively speaking, and I liked it when she was involved. But then the character designs…. just wow…. It really takes away anything remotely interesting about any of them… Take the opening song, for example. The song is generic, but not bad to listen to. However, the camera angles… so many awkward boob and butt shots… It felt like if a camera man had physically shot it, he was a serious pervert. Now, you may be thinking: Why did I say I liked Monster Musume and not this, when Musume pushed the sexual envolope so much more? Well, allow me to bring forward the most painful and frustrating part of Momo: it’s rediculous and ecchi to the max, but also tries to be serious in its story. Musume was extreme in its ecchiness, but it never took itself too seriously. It knew what it was, and pulled it off really well. Momo doesn’t do that. It felt like there was one writer on the team that really wanted to tell a story based on this Japanese folklore. And if you look at the bare bones story, it’s not so bad. Heavenly, Demonic, and human forces searching and fighting for these mysterious power sources. It’s not mind blowingly original, but one could do some really cool things with it. And it’s frustrating when you see a glimpse of something that could be cool, like the possession fusion, or a brief character interaction, only to have it ruined by it trying to sell itself on ecchi. On the other hand, I’ll admit a decent amount of the ecchi moments were pretty funny, but Momo took itself way too seriously for me to have a really good time with it. You have a running story and motivations, but 3 full episodes of pointless ecchi. Though episode 4 with the squid and sacrifice girl was hilarious, I still despised it as a whole. Episode 6 just reminded me again how much better Elementario was compared to the Maiden Squad (not to mention the plot was unbelievably pointless and just weird considering the established setting). And episode 8 was even more pointless with basically the same plot as 4, but at a hot spring instead of a beach. These episodes made me want to throw my computer out a window….. why….. Then the closing song… Ohhhhh how I despised the closing song when it first played! With the cheesey trumpet sounding, the weird sidestep Momo dance, and the 10,354,247th boob and butt shot, I was seriously mad… as time went on though, I slowly started to like its extreme cheesiness. I noticed the soundtrack person had a weird thing for trumpets in the rest of the music. It wasn’t bad, but kind of weird. Anyway, as this mess of a plot moved on, we get an admittedly interesting plot twist, and suddenly I came up with all of these predictions. For an unknown reason, I had hope that some sort of epic twist would come. A character would reveal a hidden motivation, or the peach fragments they seemingly knew nothing about would actually summon an evil force, causing all sides to band together to save everyone, or Momo would turn into a guy or something (okay that one was just out of spite for all of the ecchiness). However, while it didn’t end terribly, it didn’t really try to do anything interesting… which bummed me out. Though I have been ranting for far too long about this (and I feel I still haven’t covered everything), I can’t say I wasn’t entertained by this anime. Sometimes the extreme cheese worked quite well from an entertainment standpoint. It just had so many frustrating moments… so yeah. Momo Boob Sword was entertaining, but definitely a chore to watch. It may be worth it if you’re curious, but prepare for some disappointment.

Final Comments: Momo Kyun Sword offers little to its viewers besides excessive fanservice and decent animation. Honestly, it is not highly worth the watch with poor characters and plot.

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