Bonus Post #13-Suiseiseki Analysis

Suiseiseki.full.1541252.jpgHello anime fans! I am back today to analyze our site mascot Suiseiseki from the Rozen Maiden series.  Be warned that this character analysis will have MAJOIR SPOILERS, you should watch all three seasons of Rozen Maiden before reading this!  With that out of the way, let’s start the analysis desu.


Suiseiseki is one of the rosen maiden dolls, thus being part of the Alice Games. She first runs away from her medium, who has seemed to have gone crazy, and her twin sister, Souseiseki.  She plans to find Shinku get her to help free Souseiseki.  She ends up staying with Shinku and her medium, Jun, who would soon become her medium too.  Suiseiseki eventually is able to help her twin by saving her medium’s wife by going into the dream world with Souseiseki and bring her back into the real world.  She was also one of the dolls that was against the Alice Games.  This is because she cannot make herself fight against her sisters or take their Roza Mystica.  This causes her and Jun to try to talk the other dolls from fighting in the Alice Games.  Sadly this does not work and the games are fought anyways.  In Rozen Maiden 2013 she is mostly just fighting to save Souseiseki who did early on in the Alice Games.  She is able to make the adult Jun become Souseiseki’s medium thus saving her sister.


                Suiseiseki is the third rozen maiden doll.  She has a twin sister, Souseiseki, who is the fourth rosen maiden doll.  She and her sister often seem like the opposite of each other in personality and style.  She and her sister are also the rozen maiden dolls that can enter dreams and change them.  Her artificial sprit is Sui Dream.  She is not for the Alice Games because she does not want to hurt her sisters and does not care about becoming Alice.


Suiseiseki is very shy when meeting someone new.  She is also very distrustful of new people and it is hard for her to open up.  Once she has opened up though she is very mischievous and hyperactive.  She often will pick on Jun and Hinaichigo.  Though she acts like she does not care for Jun, she ends up caring greatly for him.  She is very caring towards everyone she knows, but she has a hard time showing it.



Suiseiseki has long brown hair and mismatched eyes.  Her right eye is red and her left eye is green.  She wears a long green dress with white lace and black all around it.  She also wears a white lace like bonnet that has ribions that run down her sides.  She also has a watering can that she use as a weapon at times.  She is meant to look like a gardener along with her twin sister.

Over All:

                Over all Suiseiseki is an enjoyable character.  She can come off as distrusting and mischievous at times, but when she gets to know someone she is loyal and will do whatever she can to help someone.  She deeply cares for all of her sisters which causes her to go against the Alice Games.  She is also extremely over protective of her twin.

Thank you everyone for reading!  Next week I will be doing our the poplar character from Attack on Titan, Levi Ackerman.

– B-Ro


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