Bonus Post #21- Our Favorites: All Time Anime


Hello everyone! This is the very post of the new Bonus Post series “Our Favorites.” The easiest starting topics is none other than our all time favorite anime! So I hope you will join us as each of us talk about our favorite anime.

RishRaff: Bincho-tan

There are many, many reasons why this particular anime is my favorite. Just looking at it, it looks childish, and granted, it is. However, hidden under all that is a cast of very likable characters just going through life. Slice of life has always been one of my favorite anime genres, and this slice of life takes the cake. It is really adorable and just a fun and relaxing watch overall. I also enjoy gijinka, which are the anthropomorphism of just about anything you can imagine, from inanimate objects to Pokemon. Most of the characters in Bincho-tan are gijinka of different types of charcoal, which I found very unique. My tendency is to be drawn to shows that are real out there in some ways, and also kind of obscure, and Bincho-tan really fits the bill for me. The show also has some surprising deepness that is also rather touching, making the anime that much more enjoyable. While I am still a huge fan of shows like Angel Beats and Erased, I believe Bincho-tan has cemented itself as my number one for a long time to come. Definitely give it a try if you are looking for something different but easy to watch, either by yourself or even with your kids.

To read more on Bincho-tan, the review can be found here.

B-Ro: Amagi Brilliant Park

It was really hard to pick my favorite anime, I love Amagi Brilliant Park, Angel Beats, and Black Rock Shooter. All three are very different from each other making it an even harder choice to make. While all three are worth checking out, I decided to talk about Amagi Brilliant Park. I truly believe that this anime does not get the recognition that deserves. This is an ecchi, fantasy, and comedy anime. It take place in a failing amusement park that is full of fairies that act as the parks mascot and performers. They bring in Kanie to help bring the park back to its former glory. If he fails the park will be shut down. Right away I have to say that if you are not into ecchi you should still give this anime a chance. The fan service is not too bad and it is so much more than just ecchi. The plot was something that I did not see before making it fun and easy to watch. The mood of the series goes from light hearted to a bit more emotional towards the end. It is very funny though and definitely deserves the comedy title. They character are also amazing. They all feel very life like with very interesting personalities. From the main characters to the mascots there is a wide range of personalities that don’t feel like the cardboard cut outs used in a lot of anime. The last episode felt out of place after the mood change, but it is still good and worth a watch. I highly recommend you watch this anime if you have not already done so, you will not regret it. – B-Ro

To read more on Amagi Brilliant Park, the review can be found here.

LowKev: Angel Beats!

I’m not always the best at picking favorites. When I do have to pick, I tend to look more at my experience watching or playing or listening to the thing in question. How did it affect me emotionally? How did its themes connect with me, and how did it influence me? When I think about that, shows like Your Lie in April and FLCL come to mind, but my absolute favorite will always be Angel Beats! It’s an anime that we’ve covered extensively on this blog, and I know I never get tired of talking about it. As I’ve said in my Favorite Opening post, right from the beginning of the show, I knew I was in for something special. The characters were extremely memorable, the soundtrack is among my favorites, and the themes really connected with me. It really was a perfect storm of me watching it at the right time, when I was going through a lot of new transitions in life. A large reason why I can comfortably say it’s my favorite is the variety in the show. It’s got action, laughs, and the tears, so many tears… The show does an incredible job at making you feel for the characters, and really hit you with emotion as their stories develop. It was one of my first anime series, and I never would’ve guessed at the time that an anime, or any type of show for that matter, could or would hit me so hard. It’s the anime that got me into anime, and has stuck with me ever since the first time that opening played. For that, it is my favorite, and couldn’t recommend it enough.

To read more on Angel Beats, the review can be found here.

Thank you all for reading! What is your all time favorite anime (though I know that can be a very hard choice)? Have you seen any of these anime? We would love to hear your response! Also, leave us any suggestions you’d like to see for future Our Favorites posts. Be sure to give us a follow too! Thank you!

6 thoughts on “Bonus Post #21- Our Favorites: All Time Anime

    1. I agree as well! Angel Beats was one of the first anime that I liked enough to buy on DVD.

      As for my personal favorite; I think i’d have to go with Toradora. The way each character actually matured throughout the story, the beautiful and believable romance, and all the emotions the characters share with you made me fall in love with the show itself. It had some great comedic moments to boot.

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