Bonus Post #22- July 2016 Review Schedule


Hello everyone! Once again, we are here to post the schedule for the anime we will be reviewing this month. Be sure to look and see so you know if there are any particular anime reviews you’ll really be looking forward to.


Sword Art Online (Season 1)


One Punch Man


My Bride is a Mermaid


Death Parade



Any of these anime you are really excited for us to review? Comment and let us know. Hope you are looking forward to any, or all, of these, cause we are excited to do them!  Be sure to check out our Twitter and Facebook pages, which we will continue to update with which anime we will be reviewing that day. Do not forget to check out our Contact page if there is a particular anime you would like us to do.


2 thoughts on “Bonus Post #22- July 2016 Review Schedule

    1. Its definitely entertaining to watch! I wouldnt say its my favorite, but I did enjoy it. Well worth it as a parody. And I did read your review of it, pretty obvious how much you enjoyed the anime haha. Glad to see you are excited though!


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