Bonus Post #25- Music: The Top 5 Cutest Anime Closing Themes


Hello readers! Today (or tonight)’s topic is an extremely important one. You see, sometimes, when I’m thinking about anime or topics to write about for these posts, one thought always comes to mind: Wow, there are a lot of really cute anime closing themes! Whether they’re insanely catchy and fun to watch, or that special kind of cringe that you can’t help but watch, many closings go for that cute factor (even if it doesn’t per se fit with the tone of the show).

They’re themes that are great to watch or listen to when you’re feeling stressed out and need something to smile at, or laugh uncomfortably due to the overwhelming cuteness (which undoubtedly creeps out your roommates who are trying to either sleep or study). It’s like a mini version of those de-stress events at colleges where they bring puppies or something to cheer up all of the sleep deprived, sick to the stomach with coffee and energy drinks college kids. With that in mind, I wanted to list my top 5 cutest anime closing themes, since life can always be stressful, and who doesn’t appreciate a little cuteness in their life?

Let me start with the needed disclaimers: This list is based off of anime I have watched. It’s definitely not a definitive list of cute anime closings, but rather a few that I have seen that I wanted to talk about briefly (I have plans to talk about some of these songs with more depth in the future as well). I obviously haven’t seen every anime, and I know that there are a lot of specifically ‘cute’ anime that I haven’t seen yet, so I’m sure I’m missing some great contenders. Definitely let me know if there is one you feel should make this list, and I’ll gladly give the series a shot (I’ll probably revisit this list and any others I make sometime in the future). Now, without further ado, lets jump into the madness!

First off, an honorable mention goes to Toradora’s first closing song. While I have yet to properly watch the anime, the closer also has a high cute factor (mostly due to that little tiger).


  1. “See you Tomorrow”- Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika

WARNING: This entry contains light SPOILERS for Madoka. This will be the only entry with spoilers.

(I unfortunately couldn’t find the actual closer, but just the song works well enough)

Starting off this list, we have the first closer in the Madoka series, which perfectly fits the tone of the series as a whole. Yep, no sarcasm there…. When asked about cute closers, B-Ro thought of this one. I must say, it did do an amazing job at keeping up this façade that Madoka was a cute, fun loving show. It is indeed quite cutesy, especially with those vocals. However, I can’t help but feel that the closer is a bit sickly sweet. It’s almost as if they wanted us to look back on it and laugh a little at how innocent and overwhelmingly light the song sounds now that we all know better about the actual show. Though I don’t particularly enjoy the song, it definitely deserves the number 5 slot on the list.


  1. “Happy Cosmos”- DearS

So yes… Despite stating my extreme disliking of the really weird rap break in the full song, “Happy Cosmos” is still a song I enjoy with mixed feelings (much like the opening), and as a closing it works really well for its cuteness. Let’s see here: light organ sounding keyboard? Check. Fun and somewhat childish sing along type lyrics? Check. Chibi versions of the female characters whose models remind me of that old A Pup Named Scooby Doo show? Check. Said characters dancing to the music in their own unique way that reminds me of Charlie Brown except somewhat sexualized (which kind of kills the cuteness a little actually)? Check. Finally, melon bread acting as a spaceship? Check. It all works surprisingly well, and is fun to watch despite that darn teacher…


Coincidence? I think NOT!


  1. “Binchou Ondo”- Binchou-Tan

I had to include this one. The entire show is overflowing with cuteness, and this closer is definitely no different. The visuals are somewhat similar to the DearS closing (chibi characters dancing in their own specific way), but it just works better here. This is probably because it feels much more innocent, and therefore cuter. The song and animation are simple, but that’s where the charm is found. Two things make this closer that much more awesome for me:

  1. The slide whistle
  2. The dancing dog.

I rest my case.


  1. “Shinsekai Koukyougaku”- Kill La Kill

Ohhhh this one… This was what I primarily meant when I said “even if it doesn’t per se fit with the tone of the show”. I mean, Kill La Kill never really takes itself too seriously, but the second half is definitely more serious than the first. I never really minded though, mostly because this closer is so catchy and cute!!! The visual style featuring random animals and Mako in her many forms is so colorful and so out there that I can’t help but love it. The song itself is also extremely feel good and fun. I recall listening to the full song many times while doing Statics homework late at night, just because it’s so bright and happy sounding! It kind of kept me going and stopped me from getting too stressed. I also really love the instrumentation. The closing as a whole is like a new frontier, a new world of cuteness. I never thought it would be surpassed. Until….


  1. “Mashiro’s World”- Engaged to the Unidentified

Yep. This one wins. By a landslide, honestly. RishRaff agrees as well. I mean, one could argue that Mashiro sort of stole the show in Engaged, and having her character be featured in the closer stole the show in this countdown. I mean, look at it! Listen to it! It’s absolutely filled to the brim with charm, wit, and fun. It is absolutely and undeniably cute. Everything about it makes me smile each time I watch it or listen to the song. They really hit this one out of the park, and for that I list it as the cutest anime closing theme by my undeniable authority and deep scholarly knowledge of all things cute (sarcasm).


Well, there’s my current list. What’s the cutest closer you’ve watched in an anime? What music inspired lists should I do next? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Thanks again for reading! I’ll be back with new posts that will (hopefully) be a bit more serious.


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    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it 🙂
      I haven’t shared it just yet. I’m honestly not sure where it would be best to share a list like this to. Do you have a site in mind?


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