Bonus Post #26- Follower Feature: TashaNight

Welcome everyone to another Follower Feature! In case you are unaware, this is the RishRaff Reviews team’s way of hoping bring together more of the anime community. This week we want to feature a follower of ours who is quick to leave comments and likes on our posts, something we always appreciate. This week our feature is: TashaNight

TashaNight’s blog is called Scoopious, and is primarily dedicated to anime. The unusual name apparently stems from the fact she used to do a cat blog (which I have never witnessed), but switched over to anime. And no worries, she still holds a strong affection for cats.

Nonetheless, the blog primarily features anime reviews, and she has written her thoughts on a number of popular ones including Erased and No Game No Life. The above picture is taken from her “Types of Dere” article, and she writes a number of other articles both about her personal anime experiences and anime in general. We greatly recommend you check her out. Thank you TashaNight, for your continuous support of our blog!


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