Bonus Post #28- Levi Ackerman Analysis


Hello anime fans! I am back today to analyze the ever popular Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan.  Be warned that this character analysis will have MAJOIR SPOILERS, you should watch the first season of Attack on Titan before you read this!  Also check out our Attack on Titan review. With that out of the way, let’s start the analysis.


Levi Ackerman is a captain Survey Corps leading a special operations team.  He has been in many missions outside of the walls and has seen many people die.  Because of this he seems distant and disconnected.  He is only close to a few members of the Survey Corps and is almost impossible to approach to anyone else.  He can be extremely harsh at times but he can also be companionate during others.


                Not much is known about Levi’s past in the anime right now.  We know that he has had a difficult past and that he was not always the Survey Corps captain that everyone knows and loves.  We also know that most of his titan kills are solo and that he prefers to work alone.  He is also a neat freak and is always cleaning when he is not out in the field fighting titans.


Levi has quite a complex personality.  He is a bit OCD which we see by how neat everything has to be.  He also comes off as emotionless, which makes him seem cold and unapproachable.  In difficult times he show a lot of emotion. When he sees that his friends have all died, he goes a bit crazy killing titans and unnecessarily doing more damage to them than he has too.  He can be seen as harsh like when they capture the female titan.  He tells her how he is going to mutilate her and torcher her.  With that said he is also companionate.  He pretends to beat Eren up in the court to show that he can control him.  This get Eren out of a death sentence and on his team so he can go out in the field.  All of this makes Levi very complex.



Levi has short black hair with dark blue eyes, which almost look black.  He is usually has a straight face or a frown.  He is calm to the point where it is hard to tell how he is feeling at any given point.  He is usually wearing his tan Survey Corps uniform with a gray shirt underneath. He is also wears a white scarf everywhere he goes. He also wears Vertical Equipment harness over all of his cloths along with his green Survey Corps cape.

Over All:

                I honestly started to write this not liking Levi that much and wrote this to prove that he was an over hyped character.  While writing this I saw why he is popular and found he is actually a good character.  The only real bad thing about him is that he casts a shadow over Eren, the main character.

Thank you everyone for reading!  Next time I will be doing the magical girl Kyouko from Madoka Magica! So be sure to look forward to that.

– B-Ro


3 thoughts on “Bonus Post #28- Levi Ackerman Analysis

  1. Nice! However, if you read the manga, you’ll find that there is a lot more to Levi than is in the anime – his backstory is revealed, and there’s more to his character that was not covered in the beginning of the story.

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    1. That is true, but we are looking solely at the anime. I would have add stuff from the manga, but we just look at the anime for our reviews so that is what I stuck with for this. Thank you for letting me know your thoughts.


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