Bonus Post #32- Our Favorites: Guilty Pleasures


Welcome to another Our Favorites post! Everyone has that one anime they really enjoy, but do not want to admit to. We here at RishRaff Reviews are no different. So we present some of our favorite guilty pleasures!

RishRaff: Sword Art Online

This anime is very much a love-hate anime for me. I am constantly one of the first people to point out all its flaws, from poor characters to annoying plot flaws. In fact, most people think I actually hate this anime. Yet, despite all of this, I really did enjoy watching Sword Art Online (especially the first season, though I have watched through the second season). I watched Sword Art Online since the beginning, so I was not part of the bandwagon on it, or one of the people who watched it because they heard how bad it was. It was a change of pace for me at the time, as I watched it during a time when I was watching a lot of heavier and more emotionally involved anime. I’m also a huge fan of swords, so that aspect was cool too. In fact, I own a replica of one of Kirito’s swords in real life. The worlds created in the virtual reality space were all complex and deeply interesting to me as well. All that being said, I would probably never recommend this anime to some one, but I really did enjoy it.

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B-Ro: Fairy Tail

So when I was first told that we were doing guilty pleasure anime I thought that I did not really have any. I am quite open with the anime I like and I am not really embarrassed about the stuff I like, until I thought about Fairy Tail. I am not really proud to say that I am a fan of Fairy Tail, It has a lot of plot armor, the plot is not all that good, the characters aren’t well developed or well put together, and everything is solved through friendship. It is cheesy and most of the time I wonder why I like it so much, but I do. I love the action and the characters (Even though they are not the best). I have watched all of Fairy Tail, but sadly have not been able to keep up with Fairy Tail 2014 due to college and work. I enjoy this anime but hate to admit it, making this anime my favorite guilty pleasure anime. – B-Ro

LowKev: Monster Musume

When it comes to guilty pleasures, I feel like I can look at it a few different ways. I could go for a show I somehow like despite it not being so good like DearS, or I could go for a show that I have a good time watching just to make fun of how rediculous it is (like Momo Kyun). However, I absolutely must go for Monster Musume. The show is soooo over the top and raunchy in a non-subtle way, that I feel somewhat embarrassed watching it even when I’m alone (lest someone walk in during scenes like Papi having an egg). And yet, I was enjoying every minute of it! I couldn’t help but keep on watching it, just to see how far they went with the humor. There were parts I kind of felt bad for laughing at (due to the immature nature), but sometimes it feels good to act immature and laugh at things like that. I also appreciated the diversity of characters and monster designs (though they were obviously a bit oversexualized). There were even some subtle themes about race and acceptance of diversity. I laughed, I cringed, but I had fun. For that, it’s an absolute guilty pleasure that I will probably keep to myself for the most part (I will quietly rejoice for season 2 if announced).

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Thank you all for reading! What are some of your guilty pleasure anime? Follow us for more reviews and other interesting Bonus Posts! You can always look at older Bonus Posts in our Bonus Post Archive. Thanks again, and we look forward to reading your comments!


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