Review #44- Romantica Clock

Welcome everyone to another review! Today we will be covering another shoujo anime that is also a short, which we at RishRaff Reviews were surprised to find out. Nonetheless, here is our review for the anime Romantica Clock! Beware of minor SPOILERS, as always.

Now without further ado, let us begin the review!

Summary: Akane: She’s beautiful and popular, lively and full of vitality; Aoi: Looks like a small animal but is actually very clever. Who knew that these two very different people were actually… twin siblings?!  -MyAnimeList

Plot: 3/10

Not a whole lot to say about the plot. It mostly focuses on Akane, and her learning more about her brother. That is really all there is to it. It was rushed to say the least, and it is honestly confusing what is going on most of the time. There is also a weird vaguely implied romance between the twins that may or may not be anything. It is really up to the viewer to decide how they want to take that.

Characters: 3/10

This anime really tries with developing the twins in the very short amount of time, and I have to give it credit that it does an okay job with it. It does manage to make them distinct characters. However, these things aside, you do not truly get to know the twins. Since they are literally all there is to the plot, it makes sense they would turn out as such. Other characters appear for about 10 total seconds and might as well as be part of the background since they have no presence.

Animation: 6/10

The art for Romantica Clock is pretty good, but there is limited animation. It feels very much like a stop motion animation most of the time. There maybe about 30 seconds of true animation over the course of the entire series.

Soundtrack: 6/10

The soundtrack consists of one track, which is not really bad or good. It is just kind of there lacking much presence. The sound effects are probably more noticeable, which can be kind of annoying.

Themes: 3/10

There are a few themes the show tries to communicate in its limited viewing time. I would argue a lot of these mostly deal with sibling relationships, like communication, rivalry, and so on. Persistence is probably the biggest theme (not saying much) that manifests through Akane as she apparently learns about her brother. The show itself is mostly just an advertisement for the manga, however.

Final Score: 4.2/10

Final Grade: F

B-Ro’s Take

Romantica Clock is a hard anime to review. It was super short. The characters have no time to develop and besides the twins none of the characters are constant. I was also not sure if there was romantic intentions with the twins or not. There seemed to be no real plot besides the rivalry between the twins. Most of the time I was just confused. It felt more like a trailer or a preview for an episode rather than an actual episode to an anime. Out of 10 I would give this anime a 3. I would recommend giving this anime a shot to anyone, I mean it is three episode that are a minute and a half each. – B-Ro

LowKev’s Take

I just watched Romantica Clock.
The ‘show’ was a bit of a shock.
Soundtrack was one song
It was 4 minutes long
Not good, but hard for me to mock

Animation just wasn’t my thing
The “twincest” was a weird vibe to bring
I can’t really say
If the manga’s okay
But maybe someday I’ll give it a swing

I can’t give this short that much glory
Try it out, but it’s not mandatory
That’s all I’ve got to say
Now if it is okay
I’ll get back to Clannad: After Story

Final Comments: Despite all its numerous flaws, Romantica Clock is a still somewhat charming anime short that is a really easy and quick watch.

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5 thoughts on “Review #44- Romantica Clock

  1. Another show I’ve never heard of – possibly for good reason it would seem. None the less, I love finding reviews of more obscure shows because often there isn’t much being done with them critically. Reading down the review, the sudden rhyme scheme earned a chuckle. From the sound of it I think I’ll stay away from this one but thanks for the nice and simple review!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for your thoughts! We try to do a mix of popular and obscure anime, just to get the obscure ones a little more exposure. Honestly, I would check this one out just for the heck of it. It is only three episodes, and each episode is 1.5 minutes, so less than 5 minutes to watch the whole series haha

      Liked by 1 person

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