Bonus Post #36- Follower Feature: Anime_Girls_NYC

Welcome everyone to another Follower Feature! As always, we do this Bonus Post series in order to recognize a lot of the other awesome anime blogger out there, who all happen to also be active followers of our blog. Today we would like to honor Anime_Girls_NYC, who has been a very long time follower of our blog, and who’s support we greatly appreciate.

I would like to thank Anime_Girls_NYC again, since we can almost always count on her to like our posts, regardless of the review or topic! She carries an awesome presence not just on our blog, but in the anime blogging community in general!

On top of all that, she runs her own blog that appropriately bears her name Anime Girls NYC. She does a wide variety of posts on her blog, ranging from reviews to a cool series where she posts anime fan art from around the web. There is definitely a lot to check out, and seeing as how she has a lot of experience with anime and blogging, Anime_Girls_NYC definitely knows what she is talking about!

These are some links to some of her posts:





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