Bonus Post #38- Kyoko Character Analysis


Hello anime fans! I am back today to analyze the magical girl Kyoko from Madoka Magica.  Be warned that this character analysis will have MAJOIR SPOILERS, you should watch Madoka Magicia before reading!  With that out of the way, let’s start the analysis.


Kyoko is a magical girl who enters the city soon after Mami dies.  She is a veteran magical girl who is very skilled.  She is always seen eating food and hates to see it wasted.  She is hot headed and clashes with other characters often.  She likes to work alone but is willing to work with the other magical girls when she finds out that they will all one day become witches.  She grew close to Sayaka and even sacrificed herself so Sayaka would not have to die alone.


                Kyoko grew up in a poor family because no one would go to her father’s church.  This lead to her having to steal food so she would not starve.  When she was offered a wish she quickly wished that people would go to her father’s church.  Her father would find out about her being a magical girl and he assumed she was a witch who sold her soul to the devil.  This led him to drink and end up killing his wife and youngest daughter leaving Kyoko all alone.


Kyoko is hot headed and stubborn.  She is actually very caring and soft hearted but she hides this due to being hurt too much.  She originally comes off as rude and uncaring but ends up not being able to hide her true self as the show moves on.  She becomes close to several characters and would do anything to protect or help them, even at the cost of her own life.



Kyoko has long red hair with a black ribbon keeping it in a ponytail.  She also has bright red eyes.  When she is not in her magical girl outfit she wears a black crop top with a light blue-green hoodie.  She wears denim shorts with black boots that end right below her knees.  Her magical girl outfit consist of a red dress with a white bottom.  She also has black and white arm sleeves.  She has a pink skirt with black tights.  She also wears red boots with white cuffs.  Her weapon is a red, gold, and sliver spear that can break apart.  She is also always shown eating something, even in battle.

Over All:

                Kyoko is a complex character.  At first she seems like an average tsundere, but a look into her past shows that there is a good reason for why she seems so self-centered.  She is actually very caring and even goes so far to sacrifice herself to save people and so her friend will not die alone. She is a very well put together character and is portrayed well in the anime.

Thank you everyone for reading!  Next time I will be doing Yato from Norimagi! So be sure to look forward to that.

– B-Ro


2 thoughts on “Bonus Post #38- Kyoko Character Analysis

  1. Kyoko was someone that always interested me since she had such a dramatic personality change near the end of the series. She had a façade for most of the anime that covered her true feelings, but it broke when she saw Saiyaka get hurt by her own wish just like it was for Kyoko. Personally, Homura is my favorite character from the series because of how multi-dimensional she is, especially after watching Madoka Magica The Movie: Rebellion!


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