Review #52- Clannad: After Story


Welcome readers, to another review! Now, we probably should’ve done a horror anime in honor of Halloween. Yet, here we are, reviewing the critically acclaimed sequel Clannad: After Story. So please do enjoy the review, despite the strange timing. As always, beware of potential minor SPOILERS! Continue reading


Bonus Post #45- Music: Halloween Special Part 1: Why Diabolik Lovers Seriously Isn’t Scary


Hello anime fans, and happy Month of Halloween! This is my first of (hopefully) two Halloween special posts for October. And what anime did I want to focus on first for this celebration of all things spooky? With the anime abomination known as Diabolik Lovers of course! Oh boy… I will be spoiling pretty much everything about this series in the article. While I don’t recommend you watch this, if you did want to, SPOILER WARNING. Please note that this is my opinion. I’m going to be pretty harsh on this show, but that does not mean that you are wrong for liking the show, and I definitely respect your opinion. Now then… Let’s sink our teeth into this one (I’m sorry about that). Continue reading