Review #54- Girls Und Panzer


Greetings! Welcome to another review, and this time around we are doing the anime Girls Und Panzer. Before we dive in, first a quick apology for the delay. Pokemon Sun and Moon came out a little more than a week ago, and between that and Thanksgiving, I was held up in writing the review. Also, we are marking the return of B-Ro! With that out of the way, beware of minor SPOILERS as always. Continue reading


Bonus Post #46- Music: Halloween Special Part 2: Another: Dark Spectacle and Dark Beauty


Hello anime fans, and once again, Happy Halloween!!! It looks like I’ll just barely be able to fulfill my promise of two horror-themed bonus posts this month (at least in my time zone). Now that I’ve finally said my peace regarding Diabolik Lovers, I figured it would be best to talk about a horror themed anime that I actually really like: Another. Fair warning: I will be spoiling pretty much everything in this show, so SPOILER WARNING! This show is very dependent on its mystery aspect, so I urge you to watch the show without any plot details if you’re a horror fan. That being said, let’s dive in. Continue reading