Review #54- Girls Und Panzer


Greetings! Welcome to another review, and this time around we are doing the anime Girls Und Panzer. Before we dive in, first a quick apology for the delay. Pokemon Sun and Moon came out a little more than a week ago, and between that and Thanksgiving, I was held up in writing the review. Also, we are marking the return of B-Ro! With that out of the way, beware of minor SPOILERS as always. Continue reading


Review #53- The Lost Village

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Greetings everyone, and welcome to another review! Today’s review is sort of special, as it was a requested review. As that is the case, we will still be giving our honest opinions. The anime in question is The Lost Village, or Mayoiga in Japan, and one that aired fairly recently. As always, beware of minor SPOILERS! Continue reading

Bonus Post #46- Music: Halloween Special Part 2: Another: Dark Spectacle and Dark Beauty


Hello anime fans, and once again, Happy Halloween!!! It looks like I’ll just barely be able to fulfill my promise of two horror-themed bonus posts this month (at least in my time zone). Now that I’ve finally said my peace regarding Diabolik Lovers, I figured it would be best to talk about a horror themed anime that I actually really like: Another. Fair warning: I will be spoiling pretty much everything in this show, so SPOILER WARNING! This show is very dependent on its mystery aspect, so I urge you to watch the show without any plot details if you’re a horror fan. That being said, let’s dive in. Continue reading