Bonus Post #49- Our Favorites: Christmas Anime Episodes

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Merry Christmas everyone! Early holiday greetings aside, welcome to the first Our Favorites in a long time. For the advent season, we decided to pick out what anime had our favorite Christmas episodes surrounding them. There may be spoilers ahead, so be warned. Now let’s get started!

RishRaff: Santa Company (Episode 1)

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Alright, this is kind of a cop out, considering Santa Company is really just a one episode Christmas themed anime. Yet, there are a lot of reasons I do like it. Right off the bat, there is incredible high quality animation. It is also a bit different from the typical anime Christmas episode in that romance is not the primary focus or theme surrounding the holiday. While the anime may be a bit cheesy at times, it is definitely sweet, and definitely worth a watch!

B-Ro: Toradora (Episodes 17-19)

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To be honest I don’t like most anime Christmas episodes, they either feel really corny or just way too out there. Toradora! is an exception to this. I love Toradora!’s Christmas episodes. They span from episode 17 to 19 and they are some of the best episodes of the series and that is saying something. The focus on a school Christmas party and Tiga’s belief of Santa. The first episode is when Ryūji starts to truly think about how he feels about Taiga. He even goes and dresses as a bear dressed as Santa for her, but she tells him to leave and to go be with Minori. Minori realizes that Taiga likes Ryūji and turns him down. This breaks Ryūji and ends the Christmas episodes. These episodes are some of the best because it is the shift from Taiga and Ryūji going after other people and realizing how they feel about each other. It also has a nice amount of Christmas mixed into to them making them amazing episodes. I highly recommend the series both for these episodes and as a whole. – B-Ro

LowKev: Clannad After Story (Episode 9)

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I can’t say I have seen too many anime Christmas episodes, but episode 9 of Clannad After Story did come to mind. It has plenty of Christmassy stuff in it (including Sunohara in full Santa costume). The theme of celebrating with loved ones is definitely applicable for the season as well. It’s also After Story, so it’s definitely emotional and beautiful.

There you have it, our favorite Christmas anime episodes! What anime has your favorite Christmas episode? Be sure to comment below! Also check out other Our Favorites posts we have done found in the Bonus Post Archive.


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