Bonus Post #55- Music: Bands Beyond the Themes: Food Wars Part 2


Hello, and welcome to the much delayed part 2 of Beyond the Theme: Food Wars. Part 1 delved into the band behind the first opening theme, Ultra Tower, and this part will look at the band behind the closing theme. Continue reading


Review #60- Space Dandy

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Greetings everyone! First off, a quick apology for the long delay between posts. All of us have been pretty overwhelmed by college classes and just general busyness, but we will definitely be back on a regular schedule in March. With that out of the way, today we are reviewing the first season of Space Dandy! Beware of minor spoilers, as always. Continue reading

Bonus Post #54- Music: Bands Beyond the Themes: Food Wars Part 1


If it hasn’t been made obvious enough at this point: I love music, I also love anime, and I absolutely adore it when an anime gets me into new music through their opening and closing themes. However, I’ve found that it’s easy to enjoy a great OP or ED, but never actually check out the bands who performed them. That’s why I wanted to start this sporadic mini-series, in which I briefly showcase the artists behind the songs that I feel have other material definitely worth checking out. And what better place to start than the show that inspired this whole idea in the first place: Food Wars! Continue reading