Bonus Post #61- Akane Kajiya (Waifu) Character Analysis


Hello anime fans! Today I will be bring back the character analysis posts.  Today is going to be special because I am going to cover my waifu, Akane Kajiya from Romantica Clock!  You should be warned that there will be MAJOR SPOILERS in this post, but the anime is only three episode lasting about one and a half minutes.  However the character are some of the most well put together characters I know.  With that out of the way let’s get this started!


Akane Kajiya is the youngest in her family.  She has an older twin brother that always seems to do better than her.  One day when she goes to confess her love to a boy, he tells her she is not smart enough.  So she goes to her brother and asks for his help studying.  Even after this the guy wants nothing to do with her and her brother tries to stick up for her.   This leads to her getting angry at him and declaring him her eternal rival.  This leads her to try to best her brother in everything he does.


                As a kid Akane was always compared to her brother who just seemed to pick up on everything faster than her.  She always hated how he seemed to just be able to do anything with ease.  This lead to her growing more distant from her twin.  However she would eventually declare him her rival in high school.  This would surprisingly bring the twins closer together.


Akane has such a well-developed personality.    We can see so much of what makes her tick in such little amount of time.  We see that she is determined and willing to do whatever it takes to come out on top.  This sometimes makes her look cocky or arrogant, but it is just her way of trying to connect with her brother.  We also see that she deeply cares about the people who are close to her in the conversations she has, for example she loves the small moments she gets to spend with her brother.  She also seems to have a short temper, this is mostly due to her be misunderstood and being compared to her brother.  Her personality is so complex and just makes her feel like a real person.



She is somewhat short compared to other people which makes her supper cute.  She has long luscious blond hair and piercing green eyes.  She does not have any clothing that she really wears more often than her others, but her close are always pretty and just matches her so well.

Over All:

                Over all Akane is an amazing character.  She has a though background of always being compared to her brother, which makes her act a bit hostile.  She is supper caring and determined and just has amazing development throughout the series.  Not to mention she is supper cute.  All of this makes her perfect waifu material.

April Fools!

Thank you everyone for reading my very sarcastic analysis of Akane Kajiya! There is just no way to make a good well developed character in four and a half minutes.  I do plan on bring this series back though, so look forward to that!

– B-Ro


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