Bonus Post #60- Music: The Best Anime Soundtrack of all Time and 7 Reasons Why it’s the Best (You Won’t BELIEVE Number 6)


Hey guys, Low Kev here, and I would like to take some time to talk about something particularly near and dear to my heart. You see, I would like to think that over the course of my many musical posts, I have made it clear that music is very important to me. When I hear a soundtrack specifically that I feel is truly special, I immediately feel a strong desire to listen to it more, analyze it, and tell the masses about its glory. Well, I have waited far too long to talk about this anime’s soundtrack. It has touched my heart quite deeply, and while I feel that I made my love for it quite clear in its respective review, I simply must talk more about this masterpiece of modern art. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Have you ever been inspired by something you have listened to? Have you ever heard something so wonderful, so well-crafted and emotional, that you can’t help but just… Just…. How do I explain it?

the gif

Yes! That! Exactly that!! That’s right folks, Mars of Destruction has the best soundtrack in all of history. Perfectly fitting for a show with such well developed characters.

the gif

Engaging plotlines and twists

the gif

And at times hyperrealistic animation quality

the gif




the gifthe gif

Clannad? More like Clann-add some better songs. Fooly Cooly? More like Fool-you wish you had music that was this Cool-y. Your Lie in April? More like You(’re) lying if you think this soundtrack is nearly as good as Mars of Destruction. Puella Magi Madoka Magica? More like…. Anyway, Mars has the best soundtrack in the history of cartoons. And in honor of that, here are 7 reasons why it’s the greatest.

  1. They Resurrected Beethoven for the Show

From the very start, the creators at Idea Factory knew that this anime was going to be something special. A perfect storm of form and function that would forever rattle the anime community. For a show like this, they knew that they needed to go all out for the soundtrack. They needed a composer with extreme talent. One that no one would see coming, but would be the perfect addition to this masterpiece. So they resurrected Beethoven! I mean, it even has him credited for music on My Anime List, so the only logical conclusion is that they brought him back to life just for this OVA. Now that is dedication.

  1. The Decision to go Classical

Let’s face it folks: Anime music gets stale pretty quickly. Most anime are just plain lazy with their soundtracks, either inserting random neo-folk EDM vaporwave songs by washed up has-beens from the 80’s who still want to keep a shred of relevancy, or yet another remix of “Gangnam Style”. It would truly take an anime with guts and dedication to break this stagnant mold, and thankfully Mars of Destruction stepped up to the plate. Mars was the first show to ever include, you guessed it, CLASSICAL styled music into its soundtrack. I, a musical aficionado and intellectual, am stunned that no one had ever thought of that before. Because nothing says “Sci-Fi Alien Fantasy” quite like classical music, amiright?

  1. The Revolutionary Editing Techniques

There are other examples of revolutionary musical ideas in the show. Listen to the music in Mars. Does it feel like the music is totally out of place, makes no sense for the scenes (especially in the big fight scene), and is mixed in such a way that it feels like someone just shoved freeware backing tracks into the show at the last minute with no regard for actually integrating the music in properly? Well, if you said yes, then you’re WRONG! You just don’t understand this show’s genius.

Let’s take a closer look at that fight music. Do you hear how it abruptly switches songs after girl #4 gets grabbed and then again when muffled voice guy in the big rubber glowey suit is given his magical keyblade-ultima weapon peashooter? Notice how it sounded as if they had accidentally cut each song short, skipped to the next track, and didn’t bother to fix the timing? Well, that was just ingenious editing, meant to represent the sudden turning of the tides from “these gurgling robot alien things are kicking our butts” to “well now that main gurgling thing is wasting its time by grabbing one generic girl, staring at her, throwing her, and picking up another generic girl and staring at her” to “that was a lot of build up for such a small blast radius. And wow is muffled voice guy in the big rubber suit bad at aiming for headshots”. Idea Factory perfectly showcases that music isn’t just something you cut up and throw into a show. It takes a true sense of direction and expertise.

  1. The Guest Performer

As you know, the big climax of Mars features a rendition of “Moonlight Sonata”. This scene alone perfectly captures the sense of revelation and tragedy that has not since been truly mastered since Shakespeare himself. The scene also features a plot twist so bold, so unexpected, and so impactful to the show, that one could easily see the great M. Night Shamalan writing it.


(He’s soooo good at capturing the human condition)

However, neither Shamalan nor Shakespeare were involved in the making of Mars of Destruction. The studio only had the budget to bring one person back from the dead, and Shamalan was working on his own anime masterpiece, “The Last Airbender”. While neither of these creators were present, the music in this moving scene did have a guest performer. That’s right, the Moonlight Sonata was performed by none other than the Master of Unlocking herself, Jill “Sandwich” Valentine! She absolutely delivers with pinpoint accuracy in this track, as if her survival from some sort of horror was previously dependent on her playing the piece perfectly or something.

(Actual footage of the recording)

Few people realize that Jill Sandwich also saved the production from an unforeseen disaster. She came to the rescue when undead Beethoven suddenly started moaning something about “itchy tasty”, and proceeded to start eating one of the studio violinists. Thankfully, Jill came in and neutralized him. Good thing she had saved enough bullets!


RIP2, my sweet prince

  1. The Secret Composer

Another little known fact is that in the aftermath of this mishap, a second composer was brought in to modify the soundtrack. That composer was none other than Limp Biskit’s Fred Durst. That’s right, this soundtrack was graced with modifications from this musical prodigy:

But alas, the deal with Mr. Durst was called off after the Woodstock 2 controversy. Some say you can still hear Fred’s influence in the mixing quality.

  1. Can We Talk About That Twist Again?

Because that was some serious, Grade A+ stuff right there. I mean, what are some of the best plot twists of all time? There was…

  1. Troll 2 actually being about Goblins.
  2. Every time in Mario when the princess turned out to be in another castle.
  3. Doom 2016 actually turning out to be a good game.
  4. Mighty Number 9 turning out to be an even better game.

Well I think it’s safe to say that the Mars beats them all. Because those twists weren’t accompanied by Beethoven.

the gif

Well that is all for me. The world has truly been blessed by the musical mastery in Mars of Destruction. I am literally tearing up just thinking about its majesty. So thanks for reading, and join me next time where I talk about why Diabolik Lovers season 3 is so much more hype than Attack on Titan season 2.







And oh yes, how could I forget?


Thank you for taking the time to read this ridiculous post. Hopefully it didn’t cause too much cringing…


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