Bonus Post #64- Spin-Off Site: Anime Appliances

Anime Appliances

Greetings everyone! LowKev and I, RishRaff, would like to announce a spin-off site for RishRaff Reviews called, as you can see, Anime Appliances! Be sure to check it out and follow us there. Check out what this new blog is all about below.

Anime Appliances is based on a simple game between the two authors of this blog, RishRaff and LowKev. We journey to a local second hand bookstore that carries anime DVDs. We then proceed to pick out a random DVD for each other that we have to watch, and are often only the first few episodes of the entire anime. The fun thing about this game is that we have no idea what to expect! We will be writing about our experiences in the blog.

So please do join us! Thank you!


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