Bonus Post #67- Our Favorites: Pokemon


Greetings everyone! We wanted to do another Our Favorites, and arbitrarily decided to do our favorite Pokemon. Besides, who doesn’t love Pokemon?

RishRaff: Manaphy

File:490Manaphy DP anime.png

I have been a fan of Pokemon since like 2nd grade, and there are quite a few Pokemon I really like. However, first among them is Manaphy. There are several reason for this. It probably mostly stems from the fact Manaphy was the first “event-exclusive” Pokemon I ever acquired, specifically in Pokemon Diamond by means of the first Pokemon Rangers game. Also, Manaphy is absolutely adorable, and is really solid as a competitive Pokemon. I have several collectibles related to Manaphy, including a pin and Japanese prints of the trading cards. Shout out to my girlfriend, who recently got me a Manaphy plush for my birthday, and is easily one of my favorite collectibles!

B-Ro: Umbreon

File:197Umbreon OS anime.png

When asked to write a my favorite for a Pokémon I instantly knew what one I would write about, Umbreon. I have always loved Pokémon and I still keep up with the games, the anime on the other hand I dropped after the second generation. I have always loved the Eeveelutions and Umbreon was always hands down my favorite of them. I am a huge fan of dark type Pokémon too. I also like bulky Pokémon that can toxic stall and Umbreon does a fairly good job with that. It also has the best in game shiny in my opinion, the blue rings just work so well with the black body. Its normal coloration is also beautiful. I have always had a soft spot for Umbreon and I think it will always be my favorite Pokémon. – B-Ro

LowKev: Charmander

File:004Charmander OS anime.png

So, I’m not really an active Pokémon fan. I dropped off after around generation 3 many years ago, and while I am still quite fond of the franchise as a whole, I’m not exactly itching to jump back in and play catch up with the numerous new Pokémon. Therefore, my pick is steeped in nostalgia. Charmander is my personal favorite. When I was a kid, I was all into fire types, so Charmander fit the bill perfectly. Having him be a starter Pokémon certainly helped as well. But what really sold it for me was his episode in the show. The episode where Ash and the gang finds the dying Charmander has to be my favorite in the series (that I have watched). I was so scared for the little guy, and seeing him get back at his old trainer was so awesome to see. Even today, I find Charmander quite cute. So yeah, Charmander is cool.

Hope you enjoyed finding out what our favorite Pokemon were. What is your favorite Pokemon? Comment below, and let us know! We love to hear from our readers! Also, be sure to check out and follow us on Twitter. Thanks!


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