Bonus Post #74- Our Favorites: Rozen Maiden


Greetings! While it has been a while since we have touched the franchise, Rozen Maiden is an important part of our blog’s history, with the three main anime seasons having been reviewed by us and our mascot being derived from the series. As such, we figured we would talk about each of our favorite Rozen Maiden dolls.

RishRaff: Suiseiseki


As the mascot of the site, it is not really a surprise Suiseiseki ended up on the list. Suiseiseki has always been my favorite of the Rozen Maiden dolls, ever since I first watched the anime eight or so years ago. While she is mostly comic relief, Suiseiseki has a surprising depth to her character. However, my favorite thing about her is the gardening motif. I think to create the watering can as her primary weapon was very unique of Peach Pit (the creators of Rozen Maiden), and her outfit is pretty cool, reminiscent of Victorian era clothing (I think). Also, watching Suiseiseki eating pocky is what made me want to try pocky in the first place. I even have a Nendoroid of the character, and was my first full sized Nendoroid. So there are a number of things that make me highly fond of Suiseiseki. ~Desu

B-Ro: Suigintou


When we talked about doing an our favorites on the Rozen Maiden dolls I instantly knew who I would pick, Suigintou. She is the most complex character in the series. She seems evil at first and is the villain through most of the show. However she is extremely caring for those she cares about. She is also very determined to prove herself because she is incomplete and wants to prove herself to her creator. She is very caring and very sensitive but she would never let you know that. She is the first Rozen Maiden and definitely the best. – B-Ro

LowKev: Souseiseki


Folks, this was a hard one. I really love (most of) the Rozen Maiden cast for very different reasons. However, I need to pick a favorite, so let’s go with… Detective Kun Kun!

Okay, since it’s kind of hard to pull a fake-out pick when the actual choice is in bold above this text, my real choice is Souseiseki. In all honesty though, I love Souseiseki’s character design (I have a chibi nendoriod of her after all), and the idea of a dream gardener with garden shears reminiscent of Scissorman from Clock Tower tending to soul trees is super cool. I definitely don’t always agree with her actions in the show, but her rationale has always intrigued me (there’s also a decent amount of tragedy in her character arc). For that, I’m happy to say that she’s my favorite.

Thanks for checking the post! Which Rozen Maiden doll is your favorite? Be sure to comment below. Also, if you missed it, we recent published a personality quiz based around the Rozen Maiden dolls, which you can check out HERE. Hope you look forward to our next post!


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