Bonus Post #79 – My Top 10 Most Important Anime

New-BannerHello fellow otaku! This is B-Ro. Sorry that I have not posted in a while, but that should be changing soon and we will have an update on what is going on soon.  In the mean time I wanted to do a post kind of like RishRaff’s post, however to one up him (and because 9 is a weird number) I am going to do a top 10 anime that left the biggest impact on me. So enjoy as I look back at anime that are important to me.

#10 Dragon Ball Z


To start off we have the anime I loved before I knew anime was a thing.  Dragon Ball Z was my favorite show as a kid. I knew something was different from the cartoon to others, but I could never quite put a finger on what it was.  I remember loving the fight scenes and of course that charters even if characters weren’t the real reason I watched the show.  I would watch this show every night with my dad and my brother, in fact me and my brother still talk about the show even though neither of us have watched it for a long time.

#9 Fairy Tail


Even though I still get crap from RishRaff from enjoying this show I can’t help but love it.  This was a show that I just put a ton of time into so of course it had an impact on me.  I have seen 189 episodes of this show and I can’t say I regret it.  I know the stuff that is said about the show, but I am still fascinated by it.  I can’t really explain why I like it so much because I have seen its flaws from the start and I just honestly don’t know why, so I am putting it high on the list for that reason.  I will say though that one day I plan on finishing the series.

#8 Skelter Heaven


This anime left an impact on me in the worst posable way.  This anime was the perfect example to me of what not to do.  It had awful CGI, hardly any plot, and no real characters.  It was an absolute mess and I feel like I lost some faith in humanity the day I watched it.  Luckily it was only one episode long or else it would be higher on this list because of the trauma it inflicted. There is really not much more to say about this anime, it just left a bad taste in my mouth.

#7 Psycho-Pass


This anime is the one that got me into characters.  It is set in a “utopian” like world where you are judged by law enforcement by your mental state.  If your mental state is too unstable you are arrested or killed.  It is super dark and the characters are all really messed up, which fit into the plot beautifully.  This anime also showed me just how dark anime can get.  I had seen anime with dark episodes, but this was just on another level.  This anime really just helped shape my tastes in anime.

#6 Akame ga Kill!


This anime is special to me for a reason that most would not think about.  I am dyslexic so for most of my time watching anime I watched dub.  I could not keep up with the words on the screen so I had no real choice.  When Akame ga Kill! was getting it’s English dub though, I just had to keep watching.  So I decided to get sub a chance again and amazingly enough my reading had improved to the point I could watch it and from that day I have watched subs ever since.  The anime is also really good though and I love the feeling of not knowing who is going to win a fight, which is a nice change of pace in anime if you ask me.

#5 Toradora!



This anime is important to me because it was the first anime that was not Shōnen like.  It was the first romance I watch and it was really different from what I had been watching.  It pulled me out of the area I was familiar with and I surprisingly loved it.  From then on I was not afraid to check out anime I did not think I would be into, in fact I looked forward to find new genres.  This started me on the path of truly enjoying all anime had to offer.

#4 Eden of the East


Those of you who have been around our blog for a while know that at one point I took a hiatus from the blog, it was partially because I was busy and partially because I was burnt out from anime.  I was watching a lot of anime at the time and it felt like that it was taking up a lot of my free time and I was forcing myself to get through anime I did not want to watch just to finish them.   Even when I came back I only watched anime for the blog, that is until early this past summer when I found Eden of the East.  I loved everything about it from the character, to the plot, and everything in between.  This anime truly saved me from turning a blind eye from anime and I am so glad it did, because I feel like there are still anime out there that can speak to me much like this one did.

#3 Angel Beats!


I can think of a better way to start my top three most important anime than Angel Beats!.  When I found out RishRaff and LowKev were anime fans the first thing the recommended to me was Angel Beats!.  This was the first anime I watched were I felt I was part of something, I was keeping RishRaff and LowKev posted on where I was at and discussing them with it.  I truly felt like I was not a lone while watching this anime which was a first for me.  Not to mention this is the first anime my girlfriend and I watched together.  So this anime while it is really good, has a place on here for the friendships and connections that I made through it.

#2 Fullmetal Alchemist


This was the anime that got me into anime.  One day one of my friends from high school told me about a show he was watching and told me to check it out, that show was Fullmetal Alchemist.  It was truly the most amazing thing I watched at the time.  It had an interesting plot, loveable characters, twists and turns, and so much more. I was fascinated by it and it started the love I have for anime today.

#1 Little Busters!


I found Little Busters! toward the end of this last summer and it instantly became my favorite anime.  The characters were truly the focus of this anime and they were well fleshed out.  All of them had character development as well, even the guy friends that are normally just comedic side characters.  That really sold the anime to me.  The plot has problems and can be confusing at times, but it will always hold a special place to me.  While it may not be an anime that I can recommend to everyone, it was an experience I will never forget.


As RishRaff said I am sharing this to show my love for anime over the years.  We are really excited to put on the update that will say where the blog is heading.  So please keep an eye out for that and as always thank you for your support.

~ B-Ro


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