Greetings everyone! Welcome to RishRaff Anime Reviews. What makes our blog a little different is we come from various anime backgrounds, have three reviewers working on one review, and approach it all from a Christian perspective.



RishRaff is the primary writer and reviewer of the blog, and also its name sake. He writes Bonus Posts discussing Christian influences and themes in various anime. Learn more about him Here. Check out his MAL profile



B-Ro is a writer for the blog, who focuses on characters, and does Bonus Posts for the blog that analyze various characters. He also manages the social media for the blog. Learn more about him Here. Check out his MAL profile



LowKev is a writer for the blog, who enjoys the musical aspects of anime the most. As such, he does Bonus Post concerning different topics relating to anime soundtracks. Learn more about him Here. Check out his MAL profile


The anime analysis break down will be in 5 categories:

Plot- Focuses on the the plot line of the anime, and takes into account mood and pacing

Characters- Focuses on the character of the anime, and how they grow and develop, as well as what they add to the plot

Animation- Focuses on the animation’s quality and appeal

Soundtrack- Focuses on the anime’s soundtrack, paying attention to quality and how it affects mood

Themes- Focuses on the prevalent themes and genre of the anime

Each category will be graded on a 10 point scale and averaged at the end to give the anime an overall grade (A to F scale). I will do my best to be objective in my analyses.

Our mascot, if you do not know, is Suiseiseki from Rozen Maiden ~Desu