Bonus Post #79 – My Top 10 Most Important Anime

New-BannerHello fellow otaku! This is B-Ro. Sorry that I have not posted in a while, but that should be changing soon and we will have an update on what is going on soon.  In the mean time I wanted to do a post kind of like RishRaff’s post, however to one up him (and because 9 is a weird number) I am going to do a top 10 anime that left the biggest impact on me. So enjoy as I look back at anime that are important to me. Continue reading


Bonus Post #61- Akane Kajiya (Waifu) Character Analysis


Hello anime fans! Today I will be bring back the character analysis posts.  Today is going to be special because I am going to cover my waifu, Akane Kajiya from Romantica Clock!  You should be warned that there will be MAJOR SPOILERS in this post, but the anime is only three episode lasting about one and a half minutes.  However the character are some of the most well put together characters I know.  With that out of the way let’s get this started! Continue reading

Bonus Post #30- Our Favorites: Crack Ships


Hello anime lovers to another Our Favorites! Today I, B-Ro will be doing the post since RishRaff is away today which is only fitting as most of my ships are crack ships.  So if you did not figure it out by on we will be covering crack ships tonight.  In case you don’t know what that means, it is a ship that does not come about in the anime. So with that out of the way let’s start the post. Continue reading

Review #34- Erased


Welcome to another review! Today we will be covering what was the most popular, and probably the best, anime of the Winter 2016 line-up of anime, Erased. Known also as Boku dake ga Inai Machi in Japan, this quickly became one of my favorite anime as suspense is basically a guilty pleasure genre for me. Quick thanks to B-Ro, who is uploading this post in my stead since I’m on vacation during the time we are planning to upload this review. As always, beware of minor SPOILERS. Continue reading