Review 77: 5 Reasons Why You Should (Maybe) Watch Idol Project


No, not that one

idol 2

That one.

Hello world! We at RishRaff Reviews have been brought out of our deep slumber once more, all because of a little OVA series called Idol Project.

Now, you may be wondering: Does this mean that Idol Project is this hidden masterpiece of anime, so influential that it made us finally get back to blogging?

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Bonus Post #80- My Top 11 Most Important Anime


Hello Everyone! It’s certainly good to be back, and I’m sorry about the silence. I honestly missed this quite a bit, but life always manages to get busy. Now that I’m back as well, I figured I should take my turn writing about my most important anime. Since RishRaff did 9, and B-Ro did 10, I figured it would only be right to up the ante and do 11.

To be honest, I’m quite okay with doing 11, as even with that number, there were so many shows that just missed the list. The shows on here switched around a lot, and I’m sure they’ll switch around more in my head after this is published. Keep in mind that this list is (mostly) in no particular order. So without further ado, enjoy my wordy ramblings about anime that I care about.

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Bonus Post #60- Music: The Best Anime Soundtrack of all Time and 7 Reasons Why it’s the Best (You Won’t BELIEVE Number 6)


Hey guys, Low Kev here, and I would like to take some time to talk about something particularly near and dear to my heart. You see, I would like to think that over the course of my many musical posts, I have made it clear that music is very important to me. When I hear a soundtrack specifically that I feel is truly special, I immediately feel a strong desire to listen to it more, analyze it, and tell the masses about its glory. Well, I have waited far too long to talk about this anime’s soundtrack. It has touched my heart quite deeply, and while I feel that I made my love for it quite clear in its respective review, I simply must talk more about this masterpiece of modern art. So without further ado, let’s get into it. Continue reading