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This section contains just general announcements and other potential articles of interest that do not really fit in any other category.

RishRaff’s Hiatus

New Blog!

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Rotom Forme Quiz

Announcing… Shorts Week!

Pokemon Personality Quiz!

One Year Anniversary!!!

B-Ro Taking A Break

Thank You!

Impossible Anime Quiz

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Hiatus Update + New Page

Hiatus Announcement

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Award Nominations

Author Profile

These are profiles compiled by each of our authors about themselves.

Author Profile: B-Ro

Author Profile: LowKev

Author Profile: RishRaff

Character Analyses

These are character analyses done by B-Ro that discuss what makes each character unique and what they add to their respective anime.

Akane Kajiya (Waifu) Character Analysis

Kyoko Character Analysis

Levi Ackerman Analysis

Suiseiseki Analysis

Kousei Arima Analysis

Yui Character Analysis

Christianity v. Anime

These are articles written by RishRaff that discuss a wide variety of topics that all pertain to Christianity and how it shows up in anime in different ways.

Christianity v. Anime: Shigofumi

Christianity v. Anime: Planetarian

Christianity v. Anime: Kanon

Christianity v. Anime: Serial Experiments Lain

Christianity v. Anime: Sunday Without God

Christianity v. Anime: Attack on Titan

Christianity v. Anime: Blue Exorcist

Christianity v. Anime: Angel Beats

Follower Feature

A special Bonus Post series where we show appreciation to our followers by creating an article talking all about them.

Follower Feature: Anime_Girls_NYC

Follower Feature: Karandi

Follower Feature: Dominic Cuthbert

Follower Feature: TashaNight

Follower Feature: neighborhoodotaku


These are articles composed by LowKev that cover a variety of topics that deal primarily with themes and the impact of different anime soundtracks.

Music: Leer Lied/Rozen Maiden Best Album Review (Rozen Music Part 1)

Music: The Blue Exorcist Closer Experience Part 2: Context and Bias

Music: My Experience With the First Blue Exorcist Closer

Music: The Best Anime Soundtrack of all Time and 7 Reasons Why it’s the Best (You Won’t BELIEVE Number 6)

Music: Bands Beyond the Themes: Food Wars Part 2

Music: Bands Beyond the Themes: Food Wars Part 1

Music: Halloween Special Part 2: Another: Dark Spectacle and Dark Beauty

Music: Halloween Special Part 1: Why Diabolik Lovers Seriously Isn’t Scary

Music: A Look at Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge’s Soundtrack

Music: Sankarea’s Closing Theme: Delicate Beauty and Comparing the ED to the Full Song

Music: The Top 5 Cutest Anime Closing Themes

Music: Ano Natsu de Matteru, Youth, and Memories

Music: Why I Like (parts of) the DearS Opening

Music: My Favorite Anime Opening

Our Favorites

Articles that allow our authors to just talk about their favorite aspects of the anime world.

Our Favorites: Rozen Maiden

Our Favorites: Pokemon

Our Favorites: The Most Loving Waifu

Our Favorites: Anime Shorts

Our Favorites: Christmas Anime Episodes

Our Favorites: Nendoroids

Our Favorites: Childhood Anime

Our Favorites: Guilty Pleasures

Our Favorites: All Time Anime

Our Favorites: AMVs

Our Favorites: Canon Couples

Our Favorites: Crack Ships


These are just monthly schedules for what anime we will be reviewing that month.

August 2017 Review Schedule

July 2017 Review Schedule

June 2017 Review Schedule

May 2017 Review Schedule

April 2017 Review Schedule

March 2017 Review Schedule

January 2017 Review Schedule

December 2016 Review Schedule

November 2016 Review Schedule

October 2016 Review Schedule

September 2016 Review Schedule

August 2016 Review Schedule

July 2016 Review Schedule

June 2016 Review Schedule